Officers Name:
(Prepare a note book: each meeting, each activity need to be dated and signed in by the officers/members)
President: Lewis Vasquez
Vice President: Aileen
Treasurer: Desmond
Secretary: Jenny

Yearly Event
Club Jamboree
Ice breaker
Culture Month two from club, two from JHNS)
Tea ceremony, speaker, movie, presentation)
J-Lunch prep
Project Santa
Bisa prep.
Cardinal Kick off Day
Bisa practice

Culture Day: collaboration with Japanese Language and Japanese students
Teach the authentic culture of Japan and way of living
Consult teacher and Japanese students its contents and authenticity before presentation (EXTRA, EXTRA POINT for presentation and Extra point for attending)

Cultural items

1. Japanese famous people (historical, modern)
2. Japanese movie (drama, movie, anime, documentary)
3. Japanese religion (Shinto, Buddhism, Christianity, other)
4. Japanese Art (performing: Kabuki, Noh, Joruri, J-drum, dance, Rakugo etc.
5. Japanese Art (painting, craft, ceramic , flower arrangement, tea ceremony, origmi etc.)
6. Japanese literature (Classic, Modern: Haiku poem, Tale of genji, 1Q8 etc)
7. Japanese Greetings (various greeting, when, to whom, why)
8. Japanese meals (breakfast, lunch, bento, dinner, gaishoku, demae )
9. Japanese Leisure, hobby and sports (traditional, modern, pachinko, TV, gemes)
10. Home and community Uniqueness of J-house, washitsu, genkan, furo, futon, size of house,etc.)
11.J- cities, towns, villages
12, Nature and environment (Four seasons, tsuyu, sakura season, earthquake, tsunami, typhoon)
13. School and education (6-3-3, Juku, entrance examination, school events:gakugeikai, shugakuryoko, undokai, nyugakushiki, sostsugyoushiki)
14. Clothing (traditional clothing, modern clothing, cosplay,
15. communication and media
16. Technology (robot, medecine, cellphone, cars and other areas)
16. Work and career
17. Rites of Life (7-5-3, Hinamatsuri, kodomono-hi, seijin no hi, keiro, hi, kekkonshiki)
18. Festival &annual Event (local festival, obon, golden week, b-day of emperor, oshoogatsu etc.)
20. Weather and climatec
21. J-Food (sushi, tempura, nabemono, donburi, okonomiyaki, sashimi, tukemono, misoshiru, sake, soba, udon, ra-men, rice etc)
22.Shopping (gift giving occasions, chuugen, seibo, iwai, omiyage, depachika)
23. Body and health(
24. Travel (J-famous places, ryokan, minshuku, shinkansen, densha, omiyage, group tour, station, ekiben)
25. Japan and World (senkakutoo island)
26. Current event (ijime, hikikomori, working poor, freetaa, shoshika=shurinking population, gap between rich & poor)
27. Japanese products: (cars, electronic item, clothes, machines, food, etc.)
28. J-transportation (commuting, mass transit, subway, train, bus, bicycle, driving in Japan)

End of the year Banquet
All seniors of level 3 and 4
Japanese Club
Paid invitation: (limited to officers and members who attended and did their contribution to the club
more than 2/3 of the all regular meetings and events)
Non paid guest, members can bring guest but they have to pay their own.

Advanced payment Request (2 weeks earlier)
Fill out the form
Get tax exemption form for the restaurant
Get receipt of the amount from the restaurant

Restaurant OOSKA @ Woodway did not have choice of table arrangement.
Only boxed seating