January 4th, 2017

(みなさん、しんねん あけまして おめでとう ございます)




November 28, 2016

To All Japanese students

We are having Kakehashi delegation from Japan on December the 2nd (Friday) They are 23 college students and stay at BHS all day.

All students are required to attend for their presentation at Schience Conference Center at lunch time.

Come to the Science C.C. directly from your 4th period with your lunch. You may eat lunch while listening their presentation. I will take an attendance at the door, so who can not attend the presentation has to let me know by Wednesday.

Otherwise, let's welcome Kakehashi delegation to BHS with Cardinal pride.

Bolinger sensei

August 6, 2016
For students who become Japanese level 2
Next two weeks, I'd like you to study Katakana chart and learn all the characters.
You can use any Apps. and Genki website and use theirs. There are quizzes as well.
You all are exposed to Katakana from last year, so I don't think it is too difficult at all.
Few difference from Hiragana are, 1. there are a, i, e,o new babies in addition to the ya, yu, yo babies and long sound.
These new babies can attached to certain numbers of moms. All you have to know is say is any combined mom and baby fast.
Eg. ティas inパーティ, キャas inキャンディ
For long sound, you just use a short dash line for any character and that is it.
Eg. アー、イー、シー etc.



May 31, 2016
こんにちは。 先生はずっと熱があって、病気だったので、何もできませんでした。
今日学校に行って、宿題を作るために必要な物をとりに行きます。 なので、読みの宿題を作るのにちょっと時間がかかるとおもいます。
I have been sick with fever for sometime and could not do anything much at all. I am planning to go to school and pick up what I need to make the reading assignment at today. It will take a while, but you guys do other assignment such as studying Kanji, watching movie etc. So, I will communicate with you later.
B. sensei

2016 Summer Home Work
夏だけど、日本語を忘れないために、宿題を出します。 毎日すこしづつして下さい。
Although it is summer vacation, I ask you to do some homework because I don't want you to forget all.
Please do daily little by little and that's best way to do summer work.
Japanese 1
Chp. 1-6 Work Book (Do Kanji section first and do rest of the work book by the order of the chapter, and when you write
any sentence, use Kanji you learned as possible as you can. Do couple of pages daily without waiting to the last minutes, because your completion of the workbook is 50% of your first 6 week grade)

Japanese 2
Chap. 7-12, do exactly the same as Japanese 1.
Do. chp. 3-6 Kanji with quizlet: enter in the search box "bhs genki1"

Japanese 3
Do Quizlet chp. 3-12, 13-20, you can learn any function in the quizlet but when I test you next year, you have to be able to write all the Kanji vocabulary, so I highly recommend you practice on the paper.
(Use quizlet search as "bhs genki 1, or bhs genki 2")

I am uploading pdf documents for reading later days, so check this site later days.

Watch lots of movies, dramas, animes and enjoy your summer.